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Strategic growth as a basis for success

The Gorgeous Smiling Hotels GmbH, based in Grünwald near Munich, acts as a holding company for numerous brands and operating companies in the international hotel industry. Awarded by the Financial Times and Focus Business, the group is one of the thousand fastest growing companies in Europe.

The group co-ordinates development, yield management, purchasing and distribution as well as the marketing of its operating companies as well as all legal matters.

Global acting players like IHG, Hilton or Wyndham are franchises of the GSH Group. Their brands are successfully adapted by the company for the European market. Both new construction projects and inventory conversions are creatively designed and implemented at short notice.

The strong expansion of GSH Group in countries such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands resulted in a volume of currently 74 objects in various segments. Currently there are expansion plans for other European countries.

Simply great. Our locations at currently nine metropolitan regions of Germany

From the idea to the creation. Whether development of the world's second largest Hampton by Hilton or conception of the new Holiday Inn Express, which is to become the second largest in Europe.

Gorgeous Smiling Hotels creates and develops challenging projects together with the most renowned franchisors in the world. Currently our focus is on nine metropolitan regions of Germany. Overall, we are present in 26 regions with currently 74 houses. Our four operating companies develop ideas that work - from design budget hotels to serviced apartments to four-star hotels in top locations. We have big plans and many hotel developments in our portfolio. Get to know us!

Overview of the current locations

Germany, Austria, Netherlands
Updated 9 / 2018

Super 8 Berlin SpandauIn planning2021 Q1Berlin200na
Comfort Hotel Bremerhavenopen1995Bremerhaven1204
Hotel Astoropen1997Munich480
Atlantic Hotel on flute keelopen2002Bremerhaven841
Quality Hotel Augsburgopen2005augsburg772
Stadthotel Gersthofenopen2008Augsburg / Gersthofen461
Arthotel ANA Styleopen2010augsburg402
Arthotel hairopen2011Munich321
Mercure Hotel Suttgart Boeblingenopen2012Stuttgart1167
Best Western Plus Hotel Bremerhavenopen2013Bremerhaven942
Hotel Neotelopen2013Stuttgart901
Arthotel ANA Adlonopen2014Vienna481
Arthotel ANA Galleryopen2014Munich482
Arthotel ANA Goldopen2014augsburg250
Arthotel ANA Munich Fairopen2015Munich67 (+ 6 in planning)1
Arthotel ANA Nauticopen2015Bremerhaven861
North Sea Hotel Bremerhavenopen2015Bremerhaven1052
Castle Hotel Römischer Kaiseropen2015Vienna240
Arthotel ANA in the Olympic Parkopen2016Munich1051
Arthotel ANA Catherineopen2016Vienna540
Arthotel ANA symphonyopen2016Leipzig972
Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airportopen2016Frankfurt2886
Super 8 Munich City Northopen2016Munich1975
Super 8 Munich City Westopen2016Munich1680
Arthotel ANA Amadeusopen2017Vienna320
Arthotel ANA Boutique Sixopen2017Vienna931
Arthotel ANA Divaopen2017Munich790
Arthotel ANA Flairopen2017nördlingen393
Arthotel ANA Gala Viennaopen2017Vienna450
Arthotel ANA LIVING Stuttgartopen2017Stuttgart630
Arthotel ANA Momentumopen2017Stuttgart / Göppingen841
Arthotel ANA Western railwayopen2017Vienna521
Hampton by Hilton Berlin City Center Alexanderplatzopen2017Berlin3440
Hampton by Hilton Freiburgopen2017Freiburg / Breisgau1750
Holiday Inn Express Munich City Eastopen2017Munich1890
Holiday Inn Munich City Eastopen2017Munich1177
Super 8 Freiburgopen2017Freiburg / Breisgau2050
Arthotel ANA Auraopen2018Aystetten531
Arthotel ANA Elementsopen2018Reutlingen500
Arthotel ANA gentianopen2018Vienna1652
Hampton by Hilton Frankfurt City Center Eastopen2018Frankfurt1820
Hotel Goggl Landsbergopen2018Landsberg am Lech600
Hotel Seppopen2018Marktoberdorf600
Arthotel ANA LIVING Augsburg City CenterUnder construction2018 Q4augsburg110
Arthotel ANA BremenUnder construction2019 Q1Bremen310
Arthotel ANA EdenUnder construction2019 Q1Karlsruhe684
Hampton by Hilton Frankfurt AirportUnder construction2019 Q1Frankfurt1960
Holiday Inn Express WuppertalUnder construction2019 Q1Wuppertal1631
Lühmann's HanoverUnder construction2019 Q1Hanover400
Maison SchillerUnder construction2019 Q1Munich480
Super 8 DresdenUnder construction2019 Q2Dresden1760
Super 8 MannheimIn planning2019 Q2Mannheim1730
Super 8 customs port MainzUnder construction2019 Q2Mainz2160
Super 8 OberhausenUnder construction2019 Q3Oberhausen1630
Bento Inn MunichUnder construction2019 Q4Munich366na
Holiday Inn EindhovenUnder construction2019 Q4Eindhoven1800
Holiday Inn Express OffenbachUnder construction2019 Q4Offenbach156na
Holiday Inn MannheimUnder construction2019 Q4Mannheim1500
Holiday Inn Hamburg Berliner TorUnder construction2020 Q1Hamburg3155
Super 8 KoblenzIn planning2020 Q1Koblenz1150
Arthotel ANA LIVING augsburgIn planning2020 Q2augsburg540
Hampton by Hilton KielIn planning2020 Q2Keel2020
Super 8 AugsburgIn planning2020 Q2augsburg1533
Arthotel ANA OberhausenUnder construction2020 Q2Oberhausen200na
Holiday Inn Express Dusseldorf City In planning2020 Q3Dusseldorf455na
Holiday Inn Express PotsdamIn planning2020 Q3Potsdam197na
Holiday Inn Amsterdam In planning2020 Q4Hoofdorp / Schipoleca 300na
Holiday Inn Express RosenheimIn planning2020 Q4Rosenheim166na
Super 8 HamburgUnder construction2020 Q4Hamburg2743
Arthotel ANA DarmstadtIn planning2020 Q4Darmstadt106na
Arthotel ANA RostockIn planning2020 Q4Rostock150na
Super 8 OsnabrückIn planning2020 Q4Osnabrück183na
Arthotel ANA LIVING OsnabrückIn planning2020 Q4Osnabrück52na
Hampton by Hilton Munich (Ingolstädter Str.)In planning2021 Q1Munich 252na
Holiday Inn Express Munich (Ingolstädter Str.)In planning2021 Q1Munich276na

We create strong brands

Our brand portfolio includes many brands. It covers the entire spectrum, ranging from budget hotels to serviced apartments to upscale star hotels.

Holiday Inn

by InterContinental Hotels Group

Founded in 1952, the Holiday Inn family of brands is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. The former motel chain became an independent and strong brand in the Midscale area with the most planned new openings worldwide. Holiday Inn is part of the US InterContinental Hotels Group.

Holiday Inn Express

by InterContinental Hotels Group

The fastest growing brand of IHG is often the top address for guests looking for a simple, functional and well-equipped home. Located in the upscale budget area, Holiday Inn Express® has long since become a renowned brand with a high recognition value in Europe too.

Hampton by Hilton

by Hilton Hotels

The award-winning brand is represented in more than 15 countries by more than 2.000 Hotels. The houses are in the upper middle class and are visited by private and business travelers. Various services and extras like free WLAN are typical features of all Hampton by Hilton hotels worldwide.

Super 8

by Wyndham Worldwide

The budget brand Super 8 is one of the most successful brands of Wyndham hotels & Resorts. The group is the largest and most diverse hotel company in the world, encompassing 9.000 hotels and more than 600.000 rooms in 68 countries and 20 hotel brands. Super 8 is one of the most successful brands and is represented in Germany with currently 3 houses in metropolitan areas.

Arthotel ANA

by Gorgeous Smiling Hotels

Arthotel ANA is a private label of GSH Group and represented in Germany and Austria with currently 24 houses. The hotels of this brand are characterized by contemporary design in the interior, as well as by various extras in the areas of equipment and service. art hotels ANA can be found both in A- as well as in B-locations of metropolitan regions.

Arthotel ANA Living

by Gorgeous Smiling Hotels

The serviced apartments of the brand Arthotel ANA Living were designed for long-term guests. Similar to the Arthotels ANA The focus is also on equipment, services and contemporary design, without leaving the mid-scale range. Centerpiece and popular meeting place for guests at the Arthotel ANA Living is the Social Kitchen.

Bento INN

by Gorgeous Smiling Hotels

Bento INN is a hotel concept that offers much functionality and versatility in a small space, similar to the Asian Bento Lunchbox. As a two-; Bookable in three- or six-bed rooms, the Bentō Inn is the adult interpretation of a B&B or hostels, which is not only interesting in economic terms, but also offers the long-term guest a completely new and affordable hotel experience.

Other brands

by Gorgeous Smiling Hotels

Successfully adapting existing concepts and adapting them to the respective markets and regions is one of the strengths of GSH Group. Brands like Best Western or Mercure integrate into the portfolio and these homes with the typical GSH look & Equipping Feel shows the creativity and versatility of the company. Especially existing real estate benefits from the fast and economical implementation to the standards of the group.

Arthotel ANA
A private label on the road to success

High utilization, good locations, sophisticated design: The brand Arthotel ANA stands for Atmosphere needs Art. And for a concept that works.

Arthotel ANA

by Gorgeous Smiling Hotels

The brand Arthotel developed with current 24 objects ANA within a short time to a renowned, independent label in the design budget area. With special services and equipment features and locations that range from top city locations to B regions, the Arthotels are making a name for themselves ANA very good capacity utilization both in Germany and in Austria.

Whether as a glamorous hot spot as in the city center of Leipzig, as a cozy country hotel as in Aystetten or as a serviced apartment like the Arthotels ANA Living Stuttgart and Augsburg (in planning) for long-term guests - this is where comfort, hi-tech and a feel-good atmosphere come together. At the same time value is placed on a contemporary and contemporary equipment.

The concept Arthotel ANA It is suitable for stock conversion as well as for new buildings, taking into account the building regulations of the respective country. It can be integrated as well as combined with other hotel brands, since the existing hotel structure can be used without any problems in the sense of a multi-branding. art hotels ANA make a meaningful enrichment even in dense hotel landscapes and close the gap between budget and design hotel.


Gorgeous Smiling Hotels - a strong network under one roof

Many people, a passion. And one goal: to create hotels that become home for guests. Become part of a network of societies that works with joy and passion to become better and better.

GS Star GmbH

Our hotel portfolio, which is currently under construction, focuses on the most important metropolitan regions in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. As part of the GORGEOUS SMILING HOTELS We already operate networks at numerous locations today. We run hotels from the 2 star budget range to the 4 star business upper midscale segment.

Countries: Germany, Austria and the Netherlands
Brands: Super 8, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton by Hilton, Mercure, Arthotel ANA
investors: Union Investment, Patrizia, AXA, Luna real estate

The GS Star GmbH was from FOCUS BUSINESS
(Issue No. 3 Nov. | Dec. 2017) in cooperation with Statista in the area "Food Retail, Gastronomy and Tourism" as "Growth Champion 2018" excellent.

The GS Star GmbH was founded by the FINANCIAL TIMES
(Issue 30 April 2018) in cooperation with Statista as one of "1000 - Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2018" excellent.

Primestar Hospitality GmbH

Primestar Hospitality GmbH's goal in Germany is to become the largest franchisee for the Hampton by Hilton, Wyndham and InterContinental Hotels Group brands.
Primestar Hospitality is the operator of brand hotels in Germany and Austria with over 15 years of operator expertise. Our creditworthy circle of shareholders has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing hotel operators within a very short time. So we became one of the most successful franchisees of the brands Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express in Germany.

Countries: Germany
Brands: Super 8, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton by Hilton
investors: Union Investment, Hansa Invest, Deka Invest, Württembergische, Engelbert Strauss

Primestar Hotel GmbH

Countries: Germany
Brands: Holiday Inn Express, Hampton by Hilton
investors: currently all projects under construction

G&S Hotel Operations GmbH

The G & S Hotelbetriebs GmbH operates in Germany and Austria and currently has 17 Hotels in its portfolio. The Munich-based company is managed by the managing partner Heiko Grote.

Countries: Germany, Austria
Brands: Arthotel ANA
investors: different family offices

Success through social

German AIDS Foundation

Berlin, 3 / 11 / 2018

On the 3. November 2018 already found the Festive Opera Gala at the Deutsche Oper Berlin for the 25. Time in a row instead. The Gorgeous Smiling Hotels GmbH are pleased to support this great organization with 30.000 €.

Learn more about the organization

We create the hotels of tomorrow. Today.

Work together and stick together. Turn ideas into reality. And develop hotels that reflect the future.

Versatility and versatility in the field of human resources management lead to low turnover rates, as employees are able to either fill new positions within the individual companies or change their location depending on qualification. All operating companies of the GSH The group does not only convince with successful objects and an attractive portfolio, but also with people who authentically represent the company's philosophy - Gorgeous Smiling.

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Investment and requirement profile

Creating capital marketable products and interesting investment opportunities in the field of hotel real estate - that is our focus.

The all-in-one concept

Gorgeous Smiling Hotels
Brand technology consulting GmbH

To achieve this goal, we act both as a tenant or tenant, as a franchisee and in individual cases as JV Partner or as investor. The GSH Markentechnische Beratung GmbH covers all essential services - from site inspections to the coordination of design & Architecture as well as the cooperation with suppliers - comprehensively from and stands during the project development with an experienced team to the side.

According to surveys, the market value of investment-relevant real estate in Germany last year increased 2017 by 6 percent compared to the previous year. With a total volume of around 53 billion euros, even the boldest forecasts were exceeded. One of the reasons for this is the increase in the branded hotel sector, which is particularly attractive to investors, as well as the continuous growth in supply. The increases in value are disproportionately high for objects in the area of ​​mid scales and budget. Especially for properties in the area of ​​long-stay or apartment hotels, the prospects are extremely promising.
Get to know our portfolio. It is worth it ..

Preferred locations

Development National & International
Updated 2018

The Hague

We are happy to examine other locations in individual cases.

Our partners

Union Invest
Hansa Invest
Lambert real estate

Get in touch with our Development Desk.

Good advice and good ideas are our strengths. Convince yourself in conversation with one of our specialists in the field of development.

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Head of development | CEO

Phone: + 49 (0) 30 4 03 64 57 - 51
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E-mail: a.erben@gsh-hotels.com

Thomas Kahl

Development Manager

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Simon Hubbeling

Development Manager

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Marvin Aurnhammer

Development Manager

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